Be part of the team!

Volunteers of the National Bank Canadian Junior Open championships

No need to be a tennis expert, if you are available from August 24th to 31st 2024, don’t hesitate to reach us and be part of the team!

You will be invited to an information session where you will learn about all the activities we will offer and the tasks we need to realize during the tournament.

All of our volunteers will receive official uniforms from the National Bank Canadian Junior Open Championships, a meal ticket for every assigned shift and an invitation to our Volunteer Recognition night.


Be available for at least 24hrs over the week.
Information sessions
Attend to information sessions given by the committee’s leader. (each committee has an information session)


Installation and housekeeping

Assist the team to setup the competition site and put it back as it was after the tournament.

Ball boy (girl)

Ball boys and girls must be aged between 12 to 16 years old. Only the selected boys/girls will be invited to the training sessions and the committee.

Host and Hostess

To cater the spectators, validate their ticket to access the site. To inform them on the special activities scheduled during the tournament and to answer their questions. To guide the spectators on the site and direct them to their seats or box seats. Make sure the rules of conduct are respected. (no shouting, quiet, no talking during the play/matches).

Operators (Scoreboard)

Operators are responsible to operate the electronic scoreboard. They must be at least 16 years old and should already know the tennis scoring system to enter the scores as the umpire is calling them. A special training will be provided to all operators.

Players' Services

Greet all players ,family and friends, answer to all inquiries and assure they are directed to the right ressources when needed.

Control desk assistant

Answer the players about the competition schedule and the available courts for practice.


Provide transportation/shuttle to the players, trainers between the competition site(s) and the airport, the tournament’s official hotels, or their host family housing. Drivers must be 25 years old or older. The tournament’s organization committee keep the right to verify the driver’s record. Applicants with bad driver’s record over the past three (3) years will not be selected.

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