A unique experience.

The National Bank Canadian junior open Championships

A prestigious junior tennis tournament taking place in Repentigny since 1986.

More than 30 years of history!

The National Bank Junior Open Championships will hold this year its 35th edition in Repentigny. Such a long history granted the tournament prestige and a reputation that transcends across the Québec and Canadian borders. The tournament has known success that has had repercussions all over the globe and now, after three decades of achievements, it is important to look back on its successful history.

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A different tournament.

Due to COVID-19, our usual procedures and activities have changed to comply with the public health requirements and accommodate our guests.

Please note that this year's event will not include:

  • Boxes & VIP area
  • Private housing for players
  • "5 @ 7" and evening gatherings
  • Family Day

Due to the restrictions, the central court can only accommodate 162 people (two sides of the court will be available). We ask that the guest please wear a mask when they are not seated. It is significant to note that all individuals who want to sit down must register at the information booth first. Furthermore, the restaurant area will be limited to 25 persons at a time.

Athletes will mostly be from Quebec or other provinces from Canada. There will also be a few players from the United States. This season, expect varied matches.

Matches will begin at 9 AM every day of the tournament except Thursday, September 2nd and Friday, September 3rd where matches will be played during the evening. The finals, September 4th, will be starting at 12 PM.

Everything mentioned above is subject to change. Thank you for your cooperation.

We look forward to seeing you during this special edition of the tournament!

Parc Larochelle
August 29th to
September 4th 2021


Shapovalov en action en 2018
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directeur Paolo Sorrella des deux succursales au 7500, boul. des Galeries d’Anjou et au 8200, avenue de Châtillon, la vice-présidente régionale Paola Decicco, le conseiller Marc Arthur Joly, la SCR Ismailova Inabat, et la stagiaire Daphné Marinucci
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25 Jun 2019
Doris Gagné is back this year and she will be offering her home to an athlete for a second time. Last year, she had the chance to host Marta Kostyuk, the winner of the tournament, her mother and her trainer. Now she is telling us what a memorable experience she has lived with them.
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