Hostess of the Tournament winner

Daphné Marinucci - 25 June 2019

Doris Gagne and Marta Kostiuk credits : Doris Gagne

Doris Gagné is back this year and she will be offering her home to an athlete for a second time. Last year, she had the chance to host Marta Kostyuk, the winner of the tournament, her mother and her trainer. Now she is telling us what a memorable experience she has lived with them.

As a fan of tennis, she wanted to join the host family program since she was a fan of the sport, but she also had all the winning conditions to do it. Also, living next to the park where the Championship take place, she was offering a place of choice.

Doris Gagné loved being in the front row as a spectator of the relationship between coach and athlete, to see the interactions, the excitement and to experience the emotion closely. From her involvement with the Ukrainian player, she felt very privileged to be able to live these magical moments, being the winner of the tournament, there was a lot of excitement, anticipation and joy.

One evening, Marta informed her that it was her mom's birthday, so Doris, accompanied by her sister, organized a Quebec themed evening with gifts, candles and cakes. She also made her listen to music of our culture and they interpreted the song Laissez moi parler d’amour.

She also highlights an important moment for her, when Marta won the Tournament with her trophy in her hand, she took the microphone and publicly thank her host. Marta’s gratitude had moved her and she remains touched by this action. Even today, she often corresponds with both Marta and her mother and they are even expecting to meet again when they return to Montreal.

Finally, she talks about this experience as a gift from life. It's an emotional week that brings a lot to everyone. It is the chance to create beautiful friendships and to give easily by offering her home for a few days to talented young people.

We are still looking for families willing to welcome our young athletes. You only need to respect these 4 conditions:

  • Living in the city of Repentigny, or nearby
  • Have a closed room at home with at least one bed
  • Be open to go through a background investigation by the Police of Repentigny (due to the junior clientele welcomed)
  • Offer breakfast

Don’t miss the chance to live a great experience. For more information, or to register, please contact Benoit St-Onge, Players’ services Director Email: Phone: 514-554-9683

1 credits: Doris Gagne